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First wild desert tortoise sighting of the season! Probably dazed and enthused over all the vegetation — it’s the most verdant spring we’ve experienced since we started living here full-time in 2010. Chomp chomp. Advertisements

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The folks at Native Seeds/SEARCH are the real deal. Amazing selection of desert adapted seeds of all kinds, including rare kitchen garden edibles cultivated by Native Americans in the southwest. A nonprofit with a mission of crop diversity and regional … Continue reading

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Stephanie says: Not the gorgeous shot we typically aim for, but wildlife photography is tough folks! What’s important here: We are welcoming our first desert tortoise to the food oasis at Sunever Farms. She’s built her burrow in a swale … Continue reading

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Stephanie got this footage, today, in a nearby wash that ORV riders used to use a lot. They still go in there but not as much. It’s illegal, of course. The riders often argue ‘there’s nothing there, what’s the problem?’ … Continue reading

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One of the local adult wild desert tortoises dining on some wildflowers the other day… View this post on Instagram Chomp chomp. #joshuatree A post shared by Jay Babcock (@jaywbabcock) on May 5, 2016 at 11:48am PDT

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Yesterday at our Prefab Homesteader Cabin property… Our friend and herpetologist Kelly Herbinson says: “Looks like a male blocking a female in her burrow. Sometimes they even just sit sideways in the burrow entrance so no other tortoises can get … Continue reading

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Our first desert tortoise sighting of the spring yesterday came via one of our guests at our Sonora Homesteader cabin, who snapped the pretty photo above. This fella was out in the wash on BLM land next to the cabin. … Continue reading

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This peaceful female wild desert tortoise came by our neighbor friend Angela de la Agua‘s house a few days ago. Notice her right front leg, which is missing toes and nails. A herpetologist friend says this tortoise likely got chewed … Continue reading

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When you live inside a wildlife corridor, this happens. One of our lovely guests encountered a wild desert tortoise this morning just outside our unfenced Joshua Tree vacation rental cabin… (Join us sometime: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/862040 )

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Local desert tortoises lost many (if not all) of their old burrows in the recent monsoonal flooding, the most intense here in northern Joshua Tree in at least 15 years. We’ve been worried about whether the various tortoises were able … Continue reading

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