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Two wild Coachwhips (aka Red Racers, or Red Coachwhips; scientific name: Masticophis flagellum piceus) mating. Filmed recently by a neighbor friend here in Joshua Tree; shared with his permission. More info on this animal:

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Maybe two feet long, tops. Local snake enthusiasts have not come to a consensus on the animal’s species: Long-nosed? Or King?

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First snake of the season. Very small, maybe 15 inches…? The animal was in creosote shade, just outside a burrow, near a water pipe here in “our” yard. Very still, barely moved when I tossed a leaf near her. I … Continue reading

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Looks like the wild gopher snake really likes ‘our’ ‘yard.’ Cat seems resigned to situation. Mice worried. Lizards freaking out. #desertlife #JoshuaTree

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Under a jujube tree, at our small orchard… ID’d by Bert and Rhonda as a Glossy snake. Photo by Stephanie.

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Visit from a beautiful animal

Guests at our green cabin encountered this friendly Common Kingsnake on the porch late afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and were able to take some sweet photos. They estimated the animal’s length at 3-4 feet. First time we’ve seen … Continue reading

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Snake in the post office

Yesterday’s mid-day rainstorm caused all sorts of upset in the natural world. Photographer (and neighbor) Angela de la Agua saw the junior coachwhip pictured above roaming the halls of the Joshua Tree post office this morning. (The animal was escorted … Continue reading

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Last friday: a rare wintertime sighting of a Rosy boa snake. This guy (maybe 30 inches long?) was lazing in a road mid-morning in the Highlands area of Joshua Tree. Tonight in Yucca Mesa, at friends’ house: a pair of … Continue reading

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Bert captures a green mojave rattlesnake, washes out her mouth

Filmed by Stephanie Smith Using a golf club and pillowcase, our Joshua Tree friend Bert captures what seems to be a venomous Western Diamond-backed rattlesnake (there’s many names for this girl — Pacific rattler, etc.) turned out to be a … Continue reading

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Coachwhip in the creosote

A red racer coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum piceus), also known as a Red Racer, amongst the branches of a creosote bush between our house and cabin… If you’re having trouble spotting the animal…

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