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I am the co-founder and editor of Arthur Magazine (2002-2008, 2012-13) and curator of the three Arthur music festival events (Arthurfest, ArthurBall, and Arthur Nights) (2005-6). Prior to that I was a district office staffer for Congressman Henry A. Waxman, a DJ at Silver Lake pirate radio station KBLT, a copy editor at Larry Flynt Publications, an editor at Mean magazine, and a freelance journalist contributing work to LAWeekly, Mojo, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Vibe, Rap Pages and many other print and online outlets. An extended piece I wrote on Fela Kuti was selected for the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2000 anthology. In 2006, I was one of five Angelenos listed in the Music section of Los Angeles Magazine's annual "Power" issue. In 2007-8, I produced a blog called "Nature Trumps," about the L.A. River. Today, I live a peaceful life in the rural wilderness of Joshua Tree, California, where I am a partner in with Stephanie Smith.


Takes some doing to get set up but yeah it is totally possible to grow vegetables in the desert in the wintertime. Whole lotta arugula. Plus carrots, beets, pole beans, speckled lettuce, potatoes, mugwort (!) and other stuff. Radishes have … Continue reading

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This Texas sage by our house went into full Rose Parade float mode as a direct consequence of a late October rainstorm. Nothing beats natural water.

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Rain makes it easier to see tracks in the sand.

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JANITOR Walking across ’empty’ desert wilderness hearing ladder-backed woodpecker at woodwork on old standing Joshua tree, making a home. Now, picking up beer cans and product wrappers and other human trash Yes, even here #joshuatree

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Hanging in the shade, guarding the compost bin, or: Awaiting customers (mice, squirrels, desert rats) #joshuatree #greenmojave #rattlesnake #functioningecology

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Maybe two feet long, tops. Local snake enthusiasts have not come to a consensus on the animal’s species: Long-nosed? Or King?

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Really great photos of Stephanie’s design work on our JT Homesteader cabin project, with some quotes from both of us about the ethic/concept. See:

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Local loggerhead shrike has killed some kind of bird and impaled its head on the end of a creosote branch near one of our cabins. There’s a reason these guys are called “butcher birds.” (Incredible video by one of our … Continue reading

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We are trying to help our friend Paul and his six-week-old son Joe deal with this unimaginable tragedy. Melanie was a radiant joy and an inspiration to us all. Please donate if you’re able. Info below. “The Hi-Desert community … Continue reading

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Our Homestead Camp Cabin (pictured above, at a recent sunset) is available for rent to peaceful travelers. It’s like camping in the desert — only you don’t need to bring any camping gear, you have a built shelter to sleep … Continue reading

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