This blog is about living on this land in Joshua Tree, California.

Stephanie Smith is an architect, ‘barnraiser’ and commune-starter. Jay Babcock was the editor/owner/co-founder of Arthur Magazine.

Read the story of how we came here, and what we’ve learned so far, in our quasi-mainfesto here. This piece has been published in Wilder Quarterly (Summer-Fall 2013) and The Weekender (Summer 2014 cover feature), with photography by Elizabeth Weinberg.

Our central website is: JTHomesteader.com

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram

We enjoy welcoming guests to our land. Make a reservation at one of our two homesteader cabins via Airbnb.

If you’re thinking of visiting, this seven-day forecast may be of use: NOAA

You can contact us here:

2 Responses to About

  1. Lorna Turner says:

    Big fan of the desert friends and their observations!!!

  2. hello, i have been living in Moroco for the past 9 months and before that London and Paris for over 20 years. i am planning on coming out to Joshua Tree in December 2014 to find a place to work and live. i am a painter/sculptor. i love the desert and spent some summers in the Cochella Valley. But i have never lived full time in a small semi-rural community. i have read about Joshua Tree (and the neighboring towns), the art community, etc. have you got any advice on how to kind of click into the community out there, i.e. is there any public life? any feedback on living in JT would be appreciated. best, mel bernstine

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