We are trying to help our friend Paul and his six-week-old son Joe deal with this unimaginable tragedy. Melanie was a radiant joy and an inspiration to us all. Please donate if you’re able. Info below.

“The Hi-Desert community is bereft to learn our luminous friend Melanie Buck died suddenly and unexpectedly at home in Landers, CA, leaving behind her 6-week old infant son Joe Claude, and adoring husband Paul.

This is an emergency fund to hire an infant care specialist to help Paul feed and care for baby Joe in these precious early weeks of life– an overwhelming time for any parent, let alone a grieving father.

ABOUT MELANIE: Melanie Buck was a communications officer in the US Navy before launching her landscape design firm which she ran for 15 years in Los Angeles. Since moving to the desert five years ago she continued to bring her boundless energy and warmth to all around her, especially to her job as a librarian at the Joshua Tree public library, where she was beloved by all, from eager young readers to old-timers using a computer for the first time. She raised goats, gardened, and brought into the world baby Joe with the love of her life, Paul. Words cannot express how deeply saddened her sudden loss has left the Hi-Desert.

Home visits from a infant care specialist cost $25+ / hr.

$25hr x 30hr week x 6 months = $18k.

Help us raise the funds to provide professional infant care to help Paul and baby Joe get through the next six months, from helping infant Joe transition from breastfeeding to taking the bottle (enough breast milk has been donated to last 6 months) to giving Paul a respite during this unimaginable time of loss.

HOW THIS WORKS: Every cent of this campaign will go into paying a part time baby nurse. Please share this link on Facebook, your Instagram profile link, and through email– Paul and baby Joe need our love and help, and this is a direct way to support them. There is no deadline, no minimum limit, and no amount too little– every little bit will help this baby start his new life without a mom. We can help make that transition.”


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