Our neighbor Miguel just gave us 3 female Date Palms, volunteers from his mother tree that have already started producing fruit. What a special gift as only 1 in 10 Palms are fruit-bearing females. Date growing is very science-y and involves getting a lot of things right, including hand pollination with paper bags. He’s gonna share what he knows and maybe in a few years we’ll be harvesting. To the tune of 300lbs per year, from each tree. Which sounds insane to me. Desert dreams #joshuatree #datepalm


About Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith trained as an architect and is also a developer, entrepreneur, and orchardist. She designs greenhouses, outhouses, yurts, tipis, tent cities, campsites and homesteading products under the mantra "Lighten Up!" Her 'Cul-de-sac Commune' project is a new model for resource sharing in the city, the suburbs and beyond. Read her full bio
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