POST NO. 401

This blog isn’t as active as it once was, but that’s mainly cuz we’re doing other stuff elsewhere, and not everything quite fits the theme here, such as it is/was. Here’s where else you can find us:

Stephanie is active on Instagram in two places:

JTHomesteader: “Homesteading life in Joshua Tree, California. Vacation rental cabins and more”

Sunever Farms: “A ‘desert food’ arid lands farm and nursery under development on 20 acres in the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree”

Jay has a personal Instagram account: random stuff that interests him

and Jay has “Landline”, an irregular TinyLetter available as a free email, archived online: “A small bailiwick outside the unceasing current of cruddiness: Irregular epistles intended for friends, colleagues, Arthur heads, pastoral people, plant people, rural country people, dharma people, herbalists, wild people and other curious sweetfolk.”

Sorry we’re so dispersed, but that’s how it is. We’ll keep updating this blog, but if you want to find more stuff from us more regularly, now you know where to go. Thanks again for all the feedback and kind words.


About jay babcock

JT Homesteader, Arthur Magazine ... Joshua Tree, CA ...
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