Stephanie says:
Not the gorgeous shot we typically aim for, but wildlife photography is tough folks! What’s important here: We are welcoming our first desert tortoise to the food oasis at Sunever Farms. She’s built her burrow in a swale right up against a newly planted Mexican Elderberry (Sambucus mexicana). A good omen!

Jay says:
I love this. A bit more info: I made the swale by piling up branches and trunks from the dead asian pear trees that were on the property, then mounding with sand and dirt, forming a trench and a swale at the same time. The dead trees provide undergirding and also retain moisture. And now it looks like they’re acting the same way as creosote tree roots do — providing a space where a burrow can be safely dug by a wild animal. So awesome.

Stephanie says:
It’s part swale and part ‘hugelkultur’ planting bed.


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One Response to NEW QUARTERS

  1. Jenna Didier says:

    Thrilling and inspiring! Bravo! Way to stack functions and really truly have a positive effect on the fabric of the ecosystem within which you are working. . . and I don’t think the photo is all that bad, Stephanie – maybe bump the contrast a little and you have a winner.

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