Stephanie got this footage, today, in a nearby wash that ORV riders used to use a lot. They still go in there but not as much. It’s illegal, of course. The riders often argue ‘there’s nothing there, what’s the problem?’ because they can’t see a three-inch-long infant tortoise, like this one. Washes are desert tortoise’s native habitat. This is the tortoise’s *home*. Leave her be.


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One Response to TYKE

  1. jdidier says:

    Thank you for sharing such a clear image of hope. Just watched a devastating episode of Nature that relayed the dwindling prospects of this tykes’ sea-borne cousins who hatch on the beach and get distracted by city lights…they end up dying en masse in sewers and roadways. Its encouraging to see that this one might make it on protected lands.

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