We’ve had at least six inches of rain here in the last year, and now the desert is by far the greenest and life-full we’ve seen it in our seven-plus years living here. Exciting, energizing!

Says Stephanie: “We’ve had so many first-time-ever wildflowers at the farm this year. Pictured above is a Desert Evening Primrose (Oenothera primaveris), so soft and wilted after blooming like a champion throughout last night.”

Some random updates from all over:

* Stephanie saw a cloud of Monarch butterflies at the Sunever Farms garden Monday morning. She thinks it could be because of the butterfly attractors — globe mallow, winterfat — that she’s planted, as well as the native milkweed that is popping up.

* An Audobon Society couple were our guests recently at our Sunever Prefab Homesteader Cabin. Birds they spotted:

Black Throated Sparrow
Le Conte’s Thrasher
Cactus Wren
House Finch
House Sparrow
Ladder Backed Woodpecker
Eurasian Collared Dove
Ana’s Hummingbird

And they saw an adult desert tortoise, our first encounter of the season.

* We’ve started planting seeds for our spring/summer vegetable garden. This week we planted the following, sourced, from Native Seeds Search:

– Grey Zucchini Squash
– Texas Early Grano Onion
– Tarahumara Squash
– Chimayo Melon

* There’s been good news on the anti-stupid development front. From last week’s local newspaper Hi-Desert Star:

The NextEra corporation is stopping, at least for now, construction of the solar farm planned in the old Roy Williams airport, a company official confirmed this week.

“We are not proceeding with immediate construction of the project,” Steven Stengel, a representative of NextEra, said.

Joshua Basin Water District General Manager Curt Sauer first announced the company’s turnaround at a board meeting on Wednesday.

Sauer said the project manager mentioned the hold on the project about three weeks ago.

“They decided that they will not pursue this project anymore at this time,” Sauer said in a phone interview. “They may decide to pursue it later, though,” he added.

The project, a utility-scale solar farm 2.3 miles from Joshua Tree National Park, has been under fire from some Joshua Tree residents for more than a year.

After the San Bernardino County Planning Commission approved a permit application from NextEra, a group of residents appealed the decision to the county board of supervisors.

The supervisors upheld the permit on Aug. 16, 2016.

Afterward, a group of locals and environmental groups sued the county and the corporation, saying standards for environmental protections had not been followed. David Fick, a Joshua Tree resident involved in the lawsuit, said litigation is ongoing with NextEra and its subsidiary, Joshua Tree Solar Farm LLC.

A lawsuit was also filed against the county by the SoCal Environmental Justice Alliance over the project, Fick said in August. …

* We were featured in Sunset Magazine (PDF).

* Stephanie was featured in the Sunday New York Times (link).

* And Jay is very psyched indeed to be author Erik Davis’s guest on his long-running livestreamed internet radio show, “Expanding Mind,” tomorrow (Thursday, March 23, 2017) 11am PDT. The show will be archived after it airs so you can listen at your convenience. Stream/download the show from the Progressive Radio Network archive here:

More to come…


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  1. Katherine England says:

    This is probably my favorite post! What exciting news about the farm and all of the wildlife. Yeah to no big solar! We saw you in sunset. One of our favorites!

    Sent from my iPhone

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