There was a power outage last Thursday, March 17 at the local teleconferencing center that affected the Planning Commission meeting on the abominable “Alta Mira” high-density gated condo project.

The discussion on Alta Mira has been rescheduled for this Thursday, March 24, 9am. If you wish to participate in the hearing, you can attend the Planning Commission meeting in person in San Bernardino and make a public comment. Alternatively, you can go to the San Bernardino County video-conferencing center located on the first floor of the Joshua Tree County Government Center at 63665 Twentynine Palms Highway at Whitefeather Road, and make a public comment there.

Longtime Joshua Tree activist David Fick believes attendance Thursday from opponents to this unwise project can make a difference in how the Planning Commission votes. He says:

We need as many concerned Joshua Tree residents at this Joshua Tree County Government Center and some who can make the trip to San Bernardino [to attend the Planning Commission meeting in person].

At the JT County Government Center, JT residents who feel shy [about speaking on camera to the Commissioners in San Bernardino] can register their disapproval on the Public Speaking Slips and need not comment aloud on the disgusting project.

We need the numbers there for the Planning Commissioners to take notice.

The Planning Commission already has many good comment letters from Morongo Basin Conservation Association, Joshua Tree Community Association, the Center for Biological Diversity, and me.

Speaking of comments, here’s a link to the LATEST on the Alta Mira Gated Community Project. Please send this link to everybody that could possibly take an interest on this Gated Community issue: Morongo Basin Conservation Association’s “Alta Mira Housing Project” page

Here’s a flyer that someone made. Please share it around!



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