I have a piece of text on living here in northern Joshua Tree in the debut issue of Wild Ken Layne’s new quarterly print ragazine, the DESERT ORACLE. Every single one of you can subscribe and get a full year’s worth of Oracularism for $15 — neat! Info…

The DESERT ORACLE is a pocket-sized field guide to the fascinating American deserts: weird tales, ghost towns, wonderfully bizarre animals and plants, mysteries and folklore, national and state parks, slickrock arches, legends of lost mines and ships on the sand dunes, beloved authors and artists, and plenty of oddball desert characters from the past and the present.

Printed in striking black-and-white with a brilliant cardstock cover, the DESERT ORACLE is your companion at a roadside diner, around a campfire, or in your tent or cabin as the wind and the coyotes howl outside at night. It’s for national-park adventurers and adventurous locals, film buffs and ghost hunters, lovers of both natural history and human history—the ORACLE is a pocket reader for all kinds of wanderers on saguaro highways and sagebrush trails.



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