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Propagation-in-progress by Stephanie of Shoestring acacia and Desert willow trees using locally foraged seed. When they’re ready, the seedlings will be planted in protective cages across the six properties for specific uses; for example, at Sunever Farms, these drought-tolerant trees will be planted in patterns that should provide some wind barrier and shade cover to future plantings of other trees, and will begin to repair and enrich the damaged, scraped soil. More on this later, as we get further along. The desert willow is a genuine local desert native tree, of which there are only a few species. The acacia comes from Australia. Store-bought trees would cost $30-50 each, maybe more. The shoestring acacia  isn’t always easily available.

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  1. SJ Smith says:

    Do you know how to identify if a tree is a palo verde or a shoe string acacia?

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