Quick snapshot photos by Stephanie of a young desert horned lizard I spotted outside our house a few evenings ago. The animal was very small — just a couple of inches long, if that. Desert horned lizards will shoot a stream of blood out of their eyes up to 4-5 feet when threatened by animal predators — this little guy didn’t bother.

This is the second horned lizard I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. It’s LizardLand outside right now — we’re seeing a greater variety of species zooming around than we’ve had the last couple of years… maybe because of the recent ant population explosion that seemed to follow the spring rains…?




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2 Responses to YOUNG AND HORNED

  1. Maya says:

    What an adorable little guy – great photo! We have seen several of this species around our place lately too; must be something about the weather or an abundance of something they like to eat. Thanks for posting. Love, Maya

  2. This photo is really cute! Thank you for capturing this fun moment.

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