THIS FRIDAY (Jan. 17): Joshua Tree v. Dollar General Court Hearing

Via Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance:

Joshua Tree v. Dollar General Court Hearing

Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Bernardino Honorable Donald Alvarez

Time & Date: 10 a.m., Friday, January 17, 2014

Location: Courtroom 32 303 West 3rd Street, San Bernardino (SW corner of West 3rd St. and N. Arrowhead)

Seating in the courtroom is limited to only 30 people. If more than 30 people go, some of us may have to sit in the hallway, but it won’t be pointless. The Judge will be aware of our attendance, and that will impress on him that we are not just a handful of people complaining about an ugly building, but a community standing up for what it has created for itself and planned for its future.

Our Attorney advises that there is no set time limit for this hearing . . . it could take an hour or three.

Please email if you want to attend but did not sign-up at the January 6 public meeting and want to carpool.

If you attend, please be mindful of the venue and respectful of the judge: only observe the proceedings. Signs, applause, comment or any noise is inappropriate, as is casual dress. You will not be allowed in wearing shorts, a tank top, or a sleeveless dress. Be prepared to pass through a security check, including a metal scan and x-ray of anything carried in. Leave pocket knives and cell phones behind, or at least be sure to turn the cell phones off.

The Hearing begins at 10:00 a.m. To allow time for parking, walking to the courthouse from parking, and then getting through the security check, we suggest that you leave Joshua Tree by 7:15 a.m. at the latest.

Directions to San Bernardino County Courthouse at 303 West 3rd Street, San Bernardino:

I-10 West to San Bernardino Exit at Waterman Avenue (one exit after Tippecanoe) and go North on Waterman Avenue. Go left on either East 2nd or East 3rd. After one block these become West 2nd and West 3rd. Continue two blocks more to North Arrowhead. The Courthouse is at the Southwest corner of the intersection of West 3rd and North Arrowhead.

Find Parking: Take a right on North Arrowhead, go past the county offices and find a large parking lot on the right. Or go back one block on 2nd or 3rd and then north on Mountain View one block to more public parking.


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