Visit from a beautiful animal

Guests at our green cabin encountered this friendly Common Kingsnake on the porch late afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and were able to take some sweet photos. They estimated the animal’s length at 3-4 feet. First time we’ve seen this guy around here, ever. Kingsnakes are non-venomous constrictors who said to predate primarily on lizards and snakes — including rattlesnakes. We are grateful for this animal’s presence on our land!





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One Response to Visit from a beautiful animal

  1. Maggie Jones says:

    wow, he/she is beautiful! what a treat to have a visitor with stripes!…Hopefully i will be moving down your way..Im retiring in 4 years and hope there will be a small cabin for me to live in with visitor like yours!…I prefer to not live in the suburbs but maybe have a place out in the unincorporated area or close to the National park…you are very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the state….love to read your postings…just joined about 4 months ago…bye for now!

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