SAVE WATER, MAKE SOIL: Compost toilet, designed by Stephanie


Save water, make soil. Use this compost toilet, designed by Stephanie, to turn your waste into rich compost for garden and trees!

– Uses no water: Never use fresh, drinkable water to flush your toilet again

– No messy chemicals and no bad smell; smells like the natural “biomass” you compost with (woodchips, sawdust, leaves, straw)

– For use at home, in homesteads and off-grid; in your studio, tent, yurt, apartment

– Assembles in minutes, no hardware, stores flat for easy portability

Use regular toilet paper, and add biomass—woodchips, sawdust, shredded newspaper, leaves, grass, straw, etc.—between uses. When full, simply empty the bucket into a dedicated compost pile and follow the “humanure” waste composting method outlined in the Humanure Handbook. Soon, you’ll have perfectly safe, rich compost.

The kit includes a sturdy sanded and sealed plywood frame, with standard toilet seat. Assembled, the toilet is 18″ wide, 20″ long, 19″ tall. Plywood frame has been cut using a CNC milling machine, and is designed as a ‘flatpak’ product for easier shipping and storing. No hardware is required for assembly.

Note: 5-gallon bucket not included

Buy it via Etsy: click here

Also available in downtown Joshua Tree at Holmes Health/The Nourishing Tree

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One Response to SAVE WATER, MAKE SOIL: Compost toilet, designed by Stephanie

  1. Lucha Sitz says:

    How do you compost in the high desert? Probably not a lot of greens, or even browns, around, right?

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