State of the pond

Greywater pond made from six-foot diameter, two-foot deep stock tank in fenced area near our house.

Water flows in underground pipe from indoor washing machine. Desert monsoons added an inch or two of water on Thursday night.

The floating water hyacinths pictured at the rear of the pond, donated by a permaculture friend, metabolize toxins from the water. They are doubling every two weeks.

In the foreground (forewater?): three floating water irises, purchased from a local nursery, have begun to sprout new leafs, as the old ones decay.

Soon: fish.

UPDATE – OCT 3, 2013: This greywater pond project FAILED. The hyacinths never multiplied fast enough and died off, killed by either the bright summer sunlight and heat, or the greywater and the algae that started to grow (or a combination of all of those factors). Friend’s successful project was in a much smaller pond, in almost complete shade. So it goes.


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3 Responses to State of the pond

  1. Will you need to “weed” the pond to keep the plants from covering the entire surface and jeopardizing the health of the fish?

  2. jay babcock says:

    This pond failed! Amoeba grows too fast. Now it’s a raised bed garden patch (‘microfield’?) full of growing garlic. Details soon.

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