We’ve inherited a big disused TV satellite dish on our new property. Instead of dismantling it and sending it to the local dump — adding to the human-generated synthetic garbage buried in the ground to do environmental damage for who knows how many centuries — we’ve elected to keep it where it is and use it as scaffolding for nature: a living sculpture, an Earth Dish. I’ve started another heap of our horse manure/woodchip/kitchen leavings mix, which will compost into rich soil in a few weeks…

And I’ve also established a small sand-and-rock semi-spiral swale to direct downhill rainwater to ultimately pool around the dish’s base…

But… what should we grow? We want plants that will vine up over (and maybe into?) the dish…Grapes? Beans? Morning glory? Hmm…

photos by Stephanie


About jay babcock

JT Homesteader, Arthur Magazine ... Joshua Tree, CA ...
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One Response to REPURPOSING

  1. Norman says:

    Turn that baby into a solar cooker!

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