We just bought a house. Guiding us through the process was our real estate agent and gardener friend, Rhonda Lynn Hayes (pictured above at home in Joshua Tree, in one of her gardens). Stephanie first encountered Rhonda when she was giving a presentation/lecture to Transition Joshua Tree folks on gardening and permaculture in the Hi-Desert. We’ve learned a lot from Rhonda since then about how to live here: she helped us design (and build!) our GrowShack and vegetable/herb garden, and she’s made us a whole lot less freaked out about the snakes we occasionally encounter. And that’s what Rhonda does: she is on a personal-professional mission to get people who want to live in the Hi-Desert into the right house on the right land — and help people learn how to live in a sustainable, mutually beneficial balance with the site’s wild plants and animals. When you think about it, Rhonda is doing the work that the planet needs done right now: she’s creating a new community of stewards of the wild. It’s a blast to watch her do it, and to be a small part of it. If you are looking to buy a place out here — and we know that many of you are — obviously we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you   Get in touch with the totally inspirational Rhonda at 760.401.6668 and Tell her we sent ya.

October 2014 Update: Rhonda isn’t doing realtor work right now. So, if you’re looking to buy a place out here, we highly recommend talking to our realtor friend Peter Spurr at   760.366.7795  or Tell him we sent you!


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