Hop-Hop, the one-footed wild roadrunner

Here’s Hop-Hop, the one-footed roadrunner, hanging out on top of our truck parked in front of the house. It’s kind of hard to see in this picture because of the shadow and the way Hop-Hop is standing, but the guy (or girl?) lost the part of his left leg below the knee some time ago but somehow stayed alive. Our neighbor Miguel treated the wound and gave him a cast back in July, which Hop-Hop eventually got rid of. He hops and flies, and when he’s standing still, like in this photo, rests on one leg and one stump. Quite a resilient animal, and one who visits us several times a day, occasionally spending the night perched on a shelf in the outhouse.

About jay babcock

JT Homesteader, Arthur Magazine ... Joshua Tree, CA ...
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