This is our summer boudoir. The photo doesn’t even hint at the thrill & splendor of the real event: the the planetary park that opens up overhead nightly! There’s no end to the wonder and vastness of it all — to the tune of the insects bleating and pleading for mates in every key, the coyotes yelping, barking, howling like frat boys. The meteors seem to appear like exclamation marks right after you’ve had a significant or profound thought, otherwise your mind is completely silent and stays that way. Let the Milky Way do all the talking. Sometimes an owl sails overhead circling around for a while… I’m thankful that I’ve never seen or heard one grab a cotton tail. Right before the sun comes up there is a beautiful little breeze that precedes it called (in Sanskrit) the Navaswan. That’s the heat of the sun warming up the air and pushing it forward. We’ve already had to add extra blankets…I guess I will have to ask Santa for a thermal sleeping bag. If anyone has any suggestions, please advise.
—Georganne Deen

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