Moisture on the land


About Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith trained as an architect and is also a developer, entrepreneur, and orchardist. She designs greenhouses, outhouses, yurts, tipis, tent cities, campsites and homesteading products under the mantra "Lighten Up!" Her 'Cul-de-sac Commune' project is a new model for resource sharing in the city, the suburbs and beyond. Read her full bio
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One Response to Moisture on the land

  1. trinie says:

    Back in Cali, drove through the desert on that rainy day from Tucson; camped under the lunar eclipse. Nice clouds rolling in, huh? You’re going to freak when it snows out there!! Wondering if you will get snow at your level, in the park it happens a couple times per year and it is stunning.
    Cute coyote too, he looks pretty crafty to me.
    See you soon I hope—I leave town tomorrow then back Jan.8th so keep me posted on JTree events for 2011, I’ll jam out there one of these days for an overnighter.

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