Vincent the local desert tortoise puts in an appearance

Filmed by Stephanie Smith this morning, next to the shack. The sound isn’t good, so mute it.


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4 Responses to Vincent the local desert tortoise puts in an appearance

  1. J Bill says:

    Vincent looks like an old guy, always nice to see one get so old. But it begs three quick questions… 1) How close are you all to the 62? 2) Is Vincent someone’s pet? 3) Have you all had any rain recently?

    • jay babcock says:

      J Bill –
      1) We’re on Sonora Road, maybe 5-6 miles from the 62?
      2) No, it’s a wild animal. We think we’ve seen him/her before — see other tortoise shots on this blog — but we’re not certain.
      3) No rain beyond a few random drops yesterday.

  2. Holmes says:

    Nice footage. Good to see other people are interested in the tortoise and the other desert critters. I am especially interested in any tortoise movements on or near Highway 62.
    Please post more video.

    There is a young roadrunner in Palm Desert at a small industrial center who waits at the door of one of the shops and greets customers as they get out of their vehicles.

  3. jay babcock says:

    Holmes, JBill: Care to venture a guess on how old this guy is?

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