Desert plant wishlist

For the last two months, we’ve been making soil from horse manure, kitchen waste and sawdust for use around the land. Now we’re looking to start growing various desert-appropriate plants.

Does anyone out there have cuttings, planters, seeds or extra plants of the following? We can trade you some good soil!

Here’s our wishlist:

* Grapes: Thompson Seedless, Golden Muscat and/or Alden

* Pomegranate

* Figs: Black Mission, Kadota and/or Brown Turkey

* Apricots: Early Gold, Blenheim, Royal, Chinese, Tilton, Floragold and/or Newcastle

* Almonds: “All-in-One”

* Pineapple guava

Or, if you have something not on our list that you think we’d dig, let us know about it. We’ve got a lot of room here. Please leave a note in Comments below.


About jay babcock

JT Homesteader, Arthur Magazine ... Joshua Tree, CA ...
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