Snakes alive!

Encountered this animal (approx. 36 inches in length) as we went to get in our truck this morning; it was under the truck. I managed to take this picture as it slunk into an opening under the cement patio to the left. Might have a better version of this picture later, sorry for the low-resness of it.

So, what is this creature? My first guess was Gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer), but perhaps I’m wrong. Is it some kind of Garter snake? Maybe a Night Snake?

Have a closer look…

It’s possible it’s the same snake we observed here on the other side of the house back in May…


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4 Responses to Snakes alive!

  1. pondapple says:

    It does look like a Gopher snake. The California Glossy snake (Arizona elegans occidentalis) has a very similar pattern but, from what I read, the Gopher snake’s pattern is much bolder and that one looks pretty bold. You have many cool creatures.

  2. Gopher snake. I’ve got one who lives under my deck. He’s long (about 6′), and fairly docile. When I encounter him, he just looks at me with disinterest. Sometimes when I get too close he’ll hiss. Very beautiful!

  3. I’ve also caught about 15 southwestern speckled rattle snakes not far from your place (Mojave Rock Ranch) over the years. They’re beautiful too, but scary. I gave them all to a friend who takes them far away and releases them up in the park. My friends were always terrified (city people from London), and would call me to come do some snake wrangling.

  4. Yup! Nice call on the ID! That is a Sonoran Gopher snake.

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