May 1, 2010 front door porch —peeking in on finch chicks.

I’ve been told that this bird—the Greater Roadrunner, or Geococcyx californianus—will go after rattlers, so it’s good to keep the biped coming around. Robyn says snack of small meatballs will do the trick. (Recipes welcome in “Comments”).

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One Response to Roadrunner

  1. although they love meatballs, any raw meat really, you’ll want to be careful of feeding them during the nesting season (which is right now). the reason being they take “preferential” food back to the nest and apparently if the chicks don’t get their regular diet of lizards, etc, they don’t develop healthily. I have one book that says canned cat food, of all things, is ok to feed them as it has the appopriate nutrients. I had a family nesting in my yard about a month ago; a real treat. Wonderful characters to watch — Louise

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