Respect the rattler

Photographed by Stephanie Smith on May 3, 2010 near a woodpile not far from the cabin. She thought it was a dead snake. I poked the sand underneath it with a bamboo pole and lo, it was not dead—it unspooled slowly to its maybe 15-inch length, and slunk underneath the boards.

Chris G identified it immediately as the super-venemous Green Mojave Rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus), the desert’s most dangerous creature.

More info:

We’ve been advised to have the rattler removed from our property by an expert. Here in North Joshua Tree, the County’s Animal Care & Control Department will do this for free, but they will not look for the snake: you have to keep an eye on it until they arrive. If you see a rattlesnake on your property, call Animal Care & Control at 1-800-472-5609.


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One Response to Respect the rattler

  1. The snake in your top photo is a Sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes), not a Mojave. Note the small “horns” above its eyes. They are amongst the least venomous of rattlers, but still very worthy of our respect! It’s a great idea to call an expert if one is available. Thanks for posting about your experience.


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