April 15, 2010: a couple days after the foot-long lizards started wandering around. First live snake seen here in North Josh by me. Warm mid-afternoon, near the house, hanging out, maybe 3 feet long. When it became aware of me, it moved fast, heading for cover under a big creosote. Looked like some kind of mutt snake, with a black head and other color blotches all the way down. Identified as a coachwhip—Masticophis flagellum—by Chris G. Apparently the coachwhip will go for your face if it’s cornered or surprised—it’s non-venomous, but will just hang on. Coachwhips sometimes come indoors. It’s actually a blessing to have a coachwhip around, as they will eat rattlesnakes.

More info:

Anyone else seeing coachwhips around right now? Got coachwhip info? Coachwhip lore? Lay it on us in the Comments, please…


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